Guest's Service Standards


It is everyone's job to keep the Hotel clean. We will always speak positively about the hotel, the guest. Any guest's concern becomes our highest priority and will be resolved to the best of our ability. We will ensure our guests and their belongings are safe while at the Hotel.


We will always greet our guests with a smile and greetings. Every conversation with a guest will include the words “Thank you or it’s my pleasure”.


Guest service is every employee first job. We are professionals at our jobs and shall behave as such. Punctuality is a commandment to delivering Hotel Yaiphaba Guests’ Service Standards. We will look our best as a sigh of service and respect to the guests. It feels Good Here. We are all committed to ensuring the comfort and the service of our every hotel guest.

Application of Service

We will hold each other accountable. We will welcome training, apply what we learn and teach others what we know. We will work together as a team to accomplish the Hotel’s tasks and service to the guests.

At Hotel Yaiphaba we ensure your stay is filled with an element of edge and feel-good surprises. We take utmost care in all things, big or small, just to make sure that you are always 'smiling'. Away from the world of overly dressed up brands, at Yaiphaba, we believe there's a place for 'a style that belongs to you'. We are not just a trendy boutique hotel; rather our style is timeless and unique.

Tag “Beyond Hospitality”

Hotel Yaiphaba will not sell only its hospitality products & facilities, it will also concentrate on developing a rich host-client relationship. Through a rich host-client relationship, the hotel will be able to become a database driven company and do business through a rich mutually benefit relationship.

Hotel Yaiphaba Mission

The Mission is to provide the understanding staying facilities and hospitality services to our guests. The hotel is committed for high quality standards in our rooms’ facilities and food and beverage divisions.

Hotel Yaiphaba Vision

To become one of the most preferable business class boutique hotels by the clients, Job seekers, Suppliers etc. in the State of Manipur and look forward to grow more and become a market leader in the hospitality industry.

Contact Address


MG Avenue, Thangal Bazar, Near City Police,

795001 Imphal West, Manipur

Tel.: 0385 - 2460496 / 2460570

Mob.: +91 - 9856010386

Fax: 0385 - 2460570