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Hotel Yaiphaba Vision
The Vision of the Hotel Yaiphaba is to become one of the most preferable business class boutique hotels by the clients, Job seekers, Suppliers etc. in the State of Manipur and look forward to grow more and become a market leader in the hospitality industry. In short, to be one of the best hotel in Imphal.

Hotel Yaiphaba Mission
The Mission of the Hotel Yaiphaba is to provide the understanding staying facilities and hospitality services to our guests. The hotel is committed for high quality standards in our rooms’ facilities and food and beverage divisions. It is also committed for providing a fair return on investment for our owners and recognize that this cannot be done without well trained, motivated and enthusiastic employees.

Brand Tagline: “Beyond Hospitality”
Hotel Yaiphaba will not sell only its hospitality products & facilities, it will also concentrate on developing a rich host-client relationship. Through a rich host-client relationship, the hotel will be able to become a database driven company and do business through a rich mutually benefit relationship.

Beliefs & Objectives
At Hotel Yaiphaba, we bring to you comfort that symbolizes contemporary and elegant designs under the brand name of ‘Hotel Yaiphaba’. From the moment you step into the hotel, you will be treated with warm, personalized service in a sophisticated and urbane setting. Bringing with us the desire, passion and an understanding of our guests, we will give attentions to the smallest of details in our services. We endeavour to work hard to give you great service and hi-tech amenities and facilities to match your needs.

The Hotel Yaiphaba, Imphal is just around 15-20 minutes drive (with normal traffic) from the Airport, and is located at the heart of the commercial city center on the street of MG Avenue; surrounded by the banks, offices, hotels, local food joints and all major shops. A detail route can be seen at this page “Guided Tour”.

It is also situated very close to the famous Ema Keithel and Kangla Fort. Hotel rooms located at the East have beautiful views of Kangla Fort and the Baruni Hills. The hotel is easily accessible from all the four corners of the city.

The hotel will have a major advantage of being located in the area of Thangal Bazaar with a high population density encompassing different communities and hence, it is ready to cater its local guests according to their taste and culture. Much to the expectations of surroundings, the hotel will gladly cater the clients of the locality till late evenings, giving ways to enjoy a night life at Imphal City.

The Hotel Yaiphaba business model has been developed using the concept A City Centre Business Class Boutique Hotel. It will be targeting corporate and business class travellers with a requirement of two to three night stay. It will not only work towards building a brand as a whole, but will also concentrate in attracting frequent business travelers, who require a higher level of personalised service and recognition. This will provide the hotel with an opportunity to leverage its core competencies as regards to providing great service to the business traveller in a hospitable environment.

The Hotel Yaiphaba will emphasize on creating a terrific atmosphere. It will employ a holistic approach comprising decor, ambience, personalized service, mind-set of hotel staff to create a sense of belongingness among the guests which will further add to the personalization by its guest.

The Hotel Yaiphaba’s business objective is to sell hospitality by enticing a guest with its high design products, the promise of a unique experience, and lower rates. The passion to offer a guest a personalized hospitality service, a passion to offer a business oriented hospitality environment to the guest”.

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