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Hotel Yaiphaba has various booking options. Besides our reservation section, which is available 24×7 under +0385 2460496/570 or +91-9856010386, you can contact anytime our hotels directly via telephone, email. The easiest and quickest way is to book via our booking engine in the upper section of each site, where you simply have to enter the date of arrival, departure, name of the guest & mail id/contact no.

Hotel Yaiphaba check-in/check-out time is 12 noon.

The Front Desk is open 24 hours and our colleagues will be at your service day and night.
Our rates are calculated on a daily basis. However you can check it out in our website (www.hotelyaiphaba.com) for the various room types/rent.
Yes, the spa room is open from morning 9:00 am to evening 6:00 pm.
Yes, we do provide spa service to external guest.
Yes, we have facility for pick-up and drop Service.
Our restaurant is open from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm and from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
We accept all major credit cards, debit card, DD, cash payment system.
Smoking is prohibited in and around the property.
The sizes of the rooms vary from hotel to hotel. Also within a hotel they vary between each category. The standard rooms starts with a size of approx. 145 sq ft.
Yes, we do offer service in the rooms for our customer.
Our corporate discount rate is 20% to 35%.
Hotel Yaiphaba has two halls named as Banquet Hall and Mini Conference Hall. The Banquet hall can accommodate up to 130 to 150 pax on standing. Its size is 1600 sq ft. The Mini Conference hall has capacity of 40 to 60 pax and the size is 700 sq ft.

Wi-Fi is available free of charge in the rooms and around property.

For each reservation you can book up to 3 rooms. If you require more rooms, please contact our service center or the hotel.
Yes, certain discounts are there according the size of the booking.
Breakfast is served at Echan Restaurant from 6:30 am to 10:00 am.
City Hospital at Chingmeirong about 1.9 km away from the Hotel and RIMS hospital at Lamphel about 1.7 km from the hotel.
We have a boardroom, which is on the first floor available for rent depending on use. Equipments are available on request.

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

We have Sangai Express, People’s Chronicle and Telegraph, which are available from the Lobby.
Yes, Hotels Yaiphaba offers family-friendly rates. Children from 0-12 years stay free. Above 12 years 800/-per night. & Rs.1000/- for extra bed.
es, we do provide shuttle service on chargeable basis.

Yes, you can check /in to our hotel but, it will be in the availability of the rooms.

Please visit our hotel webpage and do e-mail us at: lost-and-found@hotelyaiphaba.com. Contact number: +917085051665
  • For FIT booking:
    • Up to 72hrs prior to arrival (no fee)
    • From 24hrs to 48hrs -1 night retention charges with tax
    • No show-1 night retention charge
  • For group booking
    • 25% if cancelled 13 days prior to arrival
    • 50% if cancelled 1-8 days to arrival
    • 100% if cancelled 1-2 days prior to arrival on the same day.
Yes complimentary fitness facility is given. The fitness center is open 24 hours a day.
No, we do not have a business center area on property.
Please see our hotel site – Map & Directions page.
For billing issues please contact the Accounts Department, finance@hotelyaiphaba.com
Contact the concierge prior to your arrival to set up these services.
E-mail our sales team to sales@hotelyaiphaba.com and host your next meeting.
Hotel Yaiphaba offers special rates during certain times of the year and the week. Please contact us to inquire about specials or promotional offers that may be available for your next meeting.
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