Healing Reflexology Spa


Therapeutic Reflexology

Foot and Palm

1. Acupressure point, Reflexology massage:

Relieve tension, Tiredness, Improve circulation, Diabetic, Heart patient, Thyroid patient

  • 30 Min - 1200 INR
  • 60 Min - 2000 INR

2. Deep tissue, Reflexology massage:

Relieve acute & chronic pain, Muscle cramp, Gym player, Thyroid patient, Weight reduction

  • 30 Min - 1500 INR
  • 60 Min - 2800 INR

3. Therapeutic Head Massage:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Head massage, Relieve Headache, Hangover & Migraine

  • 30 Min - 1000 INR

4. Herbal Massage for Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage:

Relieve Headache, Scalp Tension, Stiffness, Frozen Shoulder & Back Spasm

  • 30 Min - 1000 INR
  • 60 Min - 1900 INR


  • 5 Services Get 1 Free
  • 10 Services Get 3 Free
  • Package valid for 3 months
  • All couple services will be 20% Discount

Therapeutic Body MassageTherapeutic Body Massage

1. Signature Healing Reflexology Massage:

Detoxify, Relieve tension, Stimulate Nerves, Reduce Anxiety, Heart patient & Diabetic Patient

2. Hot Stone Massage followed by Swedish:

Deep Heat Therapy for Muscle and Nerve Stimulation Numbness, Weak Muscle, Acute & Chronic Pain, Relieve Fatigue

3. Lymphatic Drainage massage with Herbal Compress:

Remove toxins, Improve Circulation, Increase Immunity Diabetic, Obesity & Heart Patient

4. Deep Tissue Massage:

Relieves Muscle Cramp and increase Mobility, Gym players and Laser Weight Reduction, Relieve Acute & Chronic Pain, Rehabilitation Body & Mind

4. Antioxidant Scrub & Body Wrapping:

Removes Free Radicals, Dead Cell, Suntan Smooth and Radiant Skin

Tag “Beyond Hospitality”

Hotel Yaiphaba will not sell only its hospitality products & facilities, it will also concentrate on developing a rich host-client relationship. Through a rich host-client relationship, the hotel will be able to become a database driven company and do business through a rich mutually benefit relationship.

Hotel Yaiphaba Mission

The Mission is to provide the understanding staying facilities and hospitality services to our guests. The hotel is committed for high quality standards in our rooms’ facilities and food and beverage divisions.

Hotel Yaiphaba Vision

To become one of the most preferable business class boutique hotels by the clients, Job seekers, Suppliers etc. in the State of Manipur and look forward to grow more and become a market leader in the hospitality industry.

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MG Avenue, Thangal Bazar, Near City Police,

795001 Imphal West, Manipur

Tel.: 0385 - 2460496 / 2460570

Mob.: +91 - 9856010386

Fax: 0385 - 2460570

Email: info@hotelyaiphaba.com